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TX and lineup Blitz day


2018/01/12 10:00am
2018/01/12 5:00pm
Hope Media Boardroom

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"Technorama Training 2018-1: FM exciter, signal processor and studio mixer lineup"

What's a "blitz"?

Technorama members have been asking for technical training on transmitters and studios - and so we've created an opportunity that we think will work.   On Friday 12 January you can attend the perfect transmitter and studio alignment training exercise, but be quick - we only have seven places.

Technorama has obtained a collection of FM transmitters that need to be checked out so we can make them available to the community.   Some of the transmitters work, and some don't.  Some will need repairs.  Some are clean, some aren't.   Some will be perfect and some will barely function.   So what could be a better training exercise than this?  It's going to be a case of many hands make light work (although we haven't yet established if the light is broken).

It's a "blitz" because we intend to knock over all the work in the one session on Friday 12 January 2018. 

Training plan:

Here's your chance to learn from the ground up: how to clean, test, align and make an FM exciter usefully operational.  As a participant, you will have the complete and very hands-on experience which will include:  

  • open up and check out an exciter
  • do fundamental go/no-go checks
  • establish and align RF performance
  • establish and align audio performance
  • check end-to-end operation from audio source to transmitter dummy load

Along the way we'll cover some basic and helpful audio and RF theory and give you useful tips.   At the end of the session you'll know more and we'll have all our exciters checked out.


We have to check out a broadcast mixer and some audio processors.   If you've never done a studio alignment before, here's a real opportunity.   You'll get to see, and take part in, a step-by-step alignment of a twelve channel broadcast mixer.   We will cover

  • channel strip testing and alignment
  • frequency response and other quality measurements
  • functional operation
  • metering and calibration

Once again, you'll be exposed to useful theory and tips that you can take back to your station.


Limited space:  we only have room for seven participants.  It's first in best dressed.  The tiny registration fee will cover all the setup, and lunch/refreshments on the day:

  • $14 for early-bird member registrants (register before midnight on 7 Jan and select the earlybird option)
  • $17 for members of Technorama Incorporated after early-bird closes
  • $32 for non-members  (hint:  it only costs $10 to join Technorama Incorporated)


To get the most from this experience you should be used to installing and uninstalling equipment, using tools, connecting and disconnecting, and taking measurements with test gear.   A low level of theory knowledge is OK - if you're ready to learn a bit more electronics, you'll be fine.   But it would help if you know a little bit about ohms law and are familiar with resistor colour code.  So there's your homework.  On the day we will assemble multiple sets of all the tools and test gear we need.

Your experienced facilitators/trainers:

Guiding you on the day will be: 

  • Alastair Reynolds  (RaeAir, formerly Chief Engineer of 2UE Sydney)
  • John Maizels (President of Technorama, formerly Chief Engineer of 2NSB, 3PBS, SMPTE Fellow)
  • Stephen Wilkinson (Technology Manager, Hope Media)

To get started, click on the "Register" link at the top right of this page.  It all happens online - have a credit card ready.

Extra bonus:  once all the exciters are checked out, we will be making some available for sale to licensed community radio stations.   Members of Technorama will get first opportunity, and attendees at this Blitz will get first pick.   Fair enough?