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Welcome to the Technorama member signup page.

To join, fill in this form, and check the "Agree" box to signify that you agree to be bound by the rules in the Technorama Constitution.


On completion of the signup process (once you have accepted the clickthrough email), you will become accredited for the site immediately.  You will become a member once your application is accepted by the Technorama Committee (in accordance with the Technorama Constitution).


The username and password that you enter below is for the membership system only (at this stage).  We are working on Single Sign On for all Technorama tools, but that's a longer process. 


Important:  When you complete this form, watch out for the email that will ask you to confirm your application.  That's all part of protecting the site and your data.

Contact Information

Note: occupational or generic emails (like "[email protected]", "[email protected]", or "[email protected]" tend to be rejected (or aren't handled cleanly) by MailChimp. Personal or non-generic emails work better, will help your poor hardworking Secretary, and will ensure that you get mailouts.

Australian states are at top of list. US States and Canadian Provinces are further down. Use "INT" for other locations.

Station information

Call letters as allocated by licence. Format is: a digit, two or three letters, and optionally -AM or -FM. Leave blank if you aren't associated with a station or a specific station.

The allocated primary frequency of your station (just the numeric value).

Choose which band; "other" if you operate on non-broadcast spectrum, and NOTX if you don't transmit. "None" if you aren't associated with a station.

How is your station known if you don't use your callsign on air (eg: "99 KellyInfo" or "Woomera's 99.9")

SMS OptoutCheck the box to opt-out of SMS text messages.
Describe yourself a bit

Tell us your day job (or one of them if you have many)

What is the name of the organisation or station to which you belong (or is it just you)?

Technical lead
Technical support
Studio user (eg: presenter)
General volunteer

What is your main area of interest (select most appropriate)?

What is your role in your organisation?


What is your technology skill level (so we know how to address your needs best)? Be honest: how would your peers see you?

What would you like to get out of your membership of Technorama Inc, or what would you like to see Technorama Inc deliver?

User Details: create a username and password for the membership system.

Your logon ID to the membership system for special access plus member record updates. The ID will be visible to other members. Use ONLY alphamerics, underscores and dashes, and the ID may not contain a blank. Logon is not case sensitive.

Use good judgement, and more than eight characters. Special characters allowed.

Do you agree to the Technorama Inc conditions of membership (see Constitution)?
AgreeCheck this box to confirm that you agree to abide by the rules in the Constitution of Technorama Incorporated
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